• Monday 22nd April and Tuesday 23rd April
  • School Year Group: S1/S2/S3
  • Venues:  Park Mains High School,   Linwood High School,  Johnstone High School, Trinity High School

Inspiration is Everywhere
A creative writing workshop

In this workshop writer Victoria Gemmell will explore where writers get their ideas from and show you that inspiration is all around you, and that anyone can write a story. She will give you an insight into what inspired her Young Adult mystery novels and short stories.
Within the workshop you will get to see that stories can be told in few words and in many forms. You will have the opportunity to explore strange newspaper headlines, inspiring images and prompts, in order to encourage your imagination to run wild and help you create your own intriguing stories and characters.

Victoria Gemmell lives in Renfrewshire and was a resident of Paisley for many years. Her debut Young Adult mystery novel Follow Me was released in 2015, with her second (stand-alone) YA mystery Promise Me published in 2021. Her new YA thriller is due for release later in 2024. Victoria also writes contemporary short stories and flash fiction and has been published in various journals.
Passionate about inspiring and motivating teenagers, Victoria works as a careers adviser, and since the release of her debut novel has enjoyed ‘putting on her author hat’, delivering creative writing workshops to enable teenagers to discover the power of their imagination and explore the fun side of creativity.



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