Paisley Book Festival is committed to being an accessible and safe destination.

All events on Paisley Book Festival YouTube Channel will have closed captions 24 hours after the scheduled event. Please ensure that your caption settings are on English to get the most accurate and up-to-date.

Ensure you get the optimum experience at Paisley Book Festival 2021:

  • Update Your Browser

Please ensure you are using an up-to-date web browser for a smooth viewing experience: recommended browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari - all downloadable for free online. If you are currently using Internet Explorer please update it to one of the recommended browsers.

  • Watching an Event

Make sure your volume is up and that you watch your chosen event at the scheduled time on the event page. It is best to register in advance for an event by booking a ticket. This will supply you with a link closer to the event date.

There are no limits to the number of people who can watch an event that is not workshop-based. Simply browse the programme, find an event you want to see, and be sure to register for a ticket. You will receive a confirmation email that will inform you how to view the event.

  • Video Has Stopped Playing or You Cant Hear Anything

Check that your video player has not paused. Hover your mouse over the bottom of the video player and the video controls will display. Click the play button (bottom left) as needed.

Refresh your browser (after making sure it’s one of the browsers above) to reload the video feed. Make sure to check the volume is turned up on the video player after you have refreshed the page.

Check your internet connection is working and your WIFI has a reasonably strong signal.

  • Arriving Late

It works like any TV broadcast: If you turn up when the event is halfway through, then you will have missed the beginning of the event. You cannot choose to ‘watch from the beginning’ the way you can with some online TV players such as iPlayer or All4.

All events are in GMT, so please do consider time differences when you are booking a ticket for an event.

  • Event Reminder Emails

If you have booked a ticket for an event you will receive a reminder email with information on viewing and the link for watching the event. If you do not receive the reminder email, please check your Junk e-mail folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox. You will receive this on the day of the event.

PLEASE NOTE: If your browser is having trouble fetching the correct version of the video, try refreshing your browser page after you switch the toggle. After refreshing, mute or adjust the volume as required.

  • Posting Comments / Q&As

NOTE: please post Author Questions through the YouTube link.

  • Catching Up

The videos from the Paisley Book Festival main public programme can be accessed via YouTube after the events have taken place if you want to re-watch them, or cannot make the live time. They will be available for 4 weeks only.

  • Zoom Interactive Events

When you book a ticket for a workshop-based event you will be sent a Zoom link to attend the event. It is requested that, for all of these events, you bring paper and a pen. Please also keep your profile on mute unless requested to do otherwise. You can navigate underneath your video where the microphone icon is located and click on this until the icon is crossed out. If you want to leave your video off then that is also an option. Otherwise you can click on start video.

Festival events have been priced accordingly however we understand that the price is not always accessible for audiences who are struggling financially. If you want to attend Zoom Interactive events but cannot afford the ticket costs, please email: [email protected]

If you can afford a standard ticket price, the team asks that you opt to pay it so it can offer a free place to benefit people who may need to access a free place.