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We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, increasing our sustainability and advocating for environmental concerns within certain strands of our programming. We are also part of the Green Arts Initiative, the interactive community of over 200 Scottish arts and cultural organisations working to improve their environmental performance, run by Creative Carbon Scotland and Festivals Edinburgh.

Our team ensure that environmental matters are considered at every stage of activity to help identify where changes can be made, however small, to reduce our impact. We realise it’s an ongoing process and there’s always room for improvement. We will keep you up to date on our progress here and we welcome any suggestions or thoughts about what else we could be doing. You can get in touch with us to talk about all things green at 

Things we are doing:

  • We are exclusively using e-tickets, a more sustainable alternative to printed tickets.

  • The majority of our promotional material is digital.

  • Our limited print run of promotional bookmarks are designed as souvenirs, to be kept, and are printed on recyclable material.

  • A strong presence of hyper local authors and contributors in the programme.

  • A commitment to using local business and suppliers for Festival production.

  • Encouraging all Festival staff, participants and volunteers to engage in greener habits such as car sharing , public transport, avoiding single use plastics for coffee and water etc.

  • Utilising digital platforms for Festival administration, production and meetings wherever possible to reduce travel and any unnecessary print.