Project Description

Phantom the Ginger Mog

Live Event

    • 26th February at 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
    • The Students’ Union (Main Hall), Storie St, PA1 2HB
    • Tickets – £6

Phantom, the ginger mog, is a braw wee craitur, an a very special yin at that! Ye may sometimes glance oor mog oot the corner o yer ee, quietlik floatin aboot. Phantom’s aye snowkin aroon for grub tae gust the gab, or juist lookin for freens tae craic wi an hae some high jinks. Eence aw the galivantin is ower wi, an Phantom bids fareweel tae aw his freens, there’s a wee song we can aw sing thegither, it’s caw’d, ‘The Wunner o Phantom’. We’re fair lookin forrit tae meetin ye aw and tellin ane of Phantom’s stories, an haein a, ‘Weestoorieoke’, singsong afore we aw gang hame. Age 0+. Book aimed at ages 4-8.

Image of a ginger cat sleeping.