Project Description

Walking With Words: Oot and Aboot in Paisley

Live Event

    • 20th February at 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
    • The Students’ Union (Upstairs Room), Storie St, PA1 2HB
    • Tickets – £12/£10

Join us for a guided writing workshop exploring Paisley town centre in collaboration with Lapidus Scotland and led by poets Andy Jackson and Mairi Murphy. After a brief introduction indoors, participants will be sent outside to create a ‘Snapshot of Paisley’ through creative writing and found poetry. Poems may be inspired by words and images found on shop front signs, buildings, statues, overheard conversations, or even photographs. In the second part of the event, participants will bring their findings together and create a collaborative ‘patchwork’ poem of Paisley.

Please dress for the weather as part of this event will be taking place outdoors. You may also wish to bring a camera or smartphone to collect images on your way; this is not essential.

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