Philip Caveney (Danny Weston)

Live Event – Secondary Schools – Suitable for S1-3.

  • Wednesday 22nd February
    • Time and location tbc. 2 sessions.

Two assembly style author talks on his books. Can be year group size or class size.

Philip Caveney has been a published author for more than forty years. Writing both as himself and as Danny Weston. He has published more than fifty works of fiction. The latest Danny Weston novel, A Hunter’s Moon looks at the Scottish legend of the Cu Sith, the supernatural hounds said to haunt the deep forests of the Scottish Highlands, while Philip’s new book, Stand and Deliver is an exciting tale about highwaymen, set in and around Epping Forest in the 1700s.

Book an Event – Secondary Schools

Speak to your school librarian to book. We would prefer one return from each school so please advise your school librarian to email your choices. School librarians should email giving your schools 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranking as well as confirming where you would host each session. Each school will be provided with at least one session based on their preferences as far as possible.  Sessions should take place in the school library where possible.