Ely Percy

Live Event – Secondary Schools – Suitable for S4-6.

  • Friday 17th February
    • Time and location tbc. 2 sessions.

Two assembly style talks on their book. Can be year group size or class size.

Ely Percy is an award-winning Scottish writer, best known for their novel Duck Feet. Their first publication was a letter in Big! magazine (1994). Since then, they’ve released a memoir Cracked, contributed many stories to literary journals, and published two novels Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz (2019) and Duck Feet (2021).

Book an Event – Secondary Schools

Speak to your school librarian to book. We would prefer one return from each school so please advise your school librarian to email your choices. School librarians should email sls@renfrewshire.gov.uk giving your schools 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranking as well as confirming where you would host each session. Each school will be provided with at least one session based on their preferences as far as possible.  Sessions should take place in the school library where possible.

Ely Percy